Meditation and Yoga

Natural Meditation-IV (Manana – Repetition)

 This is a type of meditation practised in a very diluted manner. A holy word or mantra is constantly repeated mentally without moving tongue and lips during the course of day-to-day activities, like morning or evening walk in the park or at any other safe place or while travelling, where […]

Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation-III

Natural Meditation-III (Listening Meditation – Shravana Dhyana) This way of meditation is auditory in nature. In this meditation one listens to repetition of a pure divine mantra, or a hymn with rapt attention. These days electronic repeater (Chanting box) of mantras is available in the market. Select only one mantra or […]

Natural Meditation-II

In Natural Meditation-II,  the attention of the mind is focused on one’s own breathing-rhythm. As breathing is limited to the physical body, the benefits are also limited. HOW TO PRACTICE: Sit comfortably either on a chair having a perpendicular back so that your back is straight or you may sit on […]

Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation

Natural Meditation – I (Maanasika Japa)

Natural Meditation – I (Maanasika Japa) is the  HIGHEST and the BEST form of meditation among all meditations. ” Yagnanaam Japayagnosmi “, meaning, ” Among all the spiritual practicses, Japa (Meditation) is MYSELF ” – Lord Krishna at stanza 25 of chapter 10 of Bhagavadhgeetha. JAPA is nothing but repetition […]

Natural Deep Breathing (Sahaja Pranayama)

The efficacy of all meditations can be greatly enhanced if deep breathing is practised for about 3 to 5 minutes before starting meditation. However, deep breathing can also be practised separately. HOW TO PRACTICE DEEP BREATHING ( PRANAYAMA ): Sit comfortably on a chair or sit on the floor on […]

Natural Meditation


Why repetition of Benign Word (mantra) in meditation is a MUST ?

The conscious mind is projected into outside world through the senses. Meditation is essentially a process of turning the conscious mind inward into its sub conscious layers so as to flush out the negative forces accumulated in the sub conscious layers of the mind. The conscious mind which has projected itself […]

What is Meditation

Man has realised long ago that the purpose of life was not to live like animals with basic instincts, but to evolve to a higher order i.e. from untruth to truth, ignorance to knowledge and death to eternity. Being a part of Universal life, man has realised that unless he […]

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benefits of meditation

Benefits of Meditation

Benefits of Meditation can be seen with regular practice or Practising Meditation of Natural Meditation (Universal Meditation) results in : Flushing out the carcinogenic radio-frequency electromagnetic waves accumulated in the brain an d body due to the use of cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. Providing a stable physiological base […]

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The object of this Web Site is to further the evolutionary instincts of Man in Physical, Mental, Philosophical, Spiritual and Social spheres of life. We wish and hope that you would enjoy this visit. Natural Deep Breathing and Natural meditation are not only natural but also universal in their nature. All […]

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The author Mr. M. Mohan Sundar is a an attorney / advocate by profession. He is the propagator of Natural Meditation (Universal Meditation). Having deep interest in the philosophy and spirituality of life, he has gone very deep into it and after several decades of his spiritual pursuit at Himalayas, he […]