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Formula for


  • Life without freedom is a lost one.
  • Enlightenment is nothing but natural expansion and alignment of one’s awareness with the universal awareness through right spiritual practices.
  • Every one’s achievement is only according to the opportunity provided by his/her life.
  • Do your allotted or accepted duties with total application, dedication and discipline, which is in your hands but not the results.
  • Regret not ; failure often leave you with more lessons on life than success.
  • No one can ever say, he has no regrets or repentance for some of his deeds, however good or great he is.
  • Every one is great at the best of his time but when his time is bad, he becomes a shadow of his best.
  • Where people are free to think and do what they want within morality, justice and laws of a society, there progress and evolution can never stop.
  • A sinner is also entitled to become a saint through repentance and meditation.

- by M. MohanSundar