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Whispers of Wisdom

Formula for


  • There is nothing greater than being Good.
  • Great people are great because of their great thoughts and deeds.
  • Achievements are not possible without Sacrifice.
  • When life is in deep despair and depression, HOPE is the only guiding light towards better tomorrow. Better tomorrow is sure to come, wait for it patiently.
  • Selfishness is the door to destruction.
  • A Person of wisdom is ever a learner.
  • A Man of wisdom is ever open to new realms of knowledge.
  • Wisdom prevails in the CALM state of Mind,and guides towards right action relevant to the circumstances.
  • Better quality of thinking (higher thinking) alone can give rise to a better & civilized society.
  • The purpose of education (vidhya) must be to raise the level of WISDOM. Wisdom is nothing but BROADER comprehension of life. Wisdom alone can guide the society towards sanity and humanity.
  • Social and political actions to uplift the society must be in conformity with spiritual righteousness. Otherwise they will be in conflict with TRUTH and NATURE, and will fail in the long run.
  • Intelligent persons often do stupid things because of their intellectual arrogance. Arrogance blocks the wisdom.
  • Humility is the trait of the Realised ;Arrogance is the nature of the Ignorant.
  • A good listener alone can become a good teacher.
  • Repentance is the best form of atonement.
  • Regret not ; failures often leave you with more lessons on life than successes.
  • Mind alone is the cause for the bondage or liberation. The mind strongly attached to the senses leads to bondage. The mind that is not attached to the sense objects sets one FREE.
  • Do your allotted and accepted duties with total application, dedication and discipline which is in your hands, but not the results.
  • Find your happiness and joy in the well-being of your fellow beings.
  • Forgiveness and Gratitude are must traits for a good human being.
  • Great philosophies of life are born out of great tragedies of life.
  • Righteousness (Dharma) alone is the true way of life.
  • Knowledge is for all without exception.
  • Let knowledge come from all directions.
  • Let there be good everywhere.
  • Let all people be happy and live in Peace.