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  • Benefits of Meditation

    can be seen with regular practice or Practising Meditation of Natural Meditation (Universal Meditation) results in :

    • Flushing out the carcinogenic radio-frequency electromagnetic waves accumulated in the brain anNatural Meditation
      d body due to the use of cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.
    • Providing a stable physiological base in controlling diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc.,¬†along with medicines.
    • Elimination of Tensions, Pressures and Stresses of day-to-day life.
    • Increased tolerance, reduced irritability.
    • Reduction of Pain , Sorrow, Anger & Frustration.
    • Elimination of Perversions of mind and Suicidal tendencies.
    • Increased calmness of mind (Peace).
    • Improved concentration, memory and grasping power and increased positive thinking.
    • Increased Self confidence and Self control.
    • Better Self management.
    • Better Physical health and Tension free life.
    • Better Social behavior through increased Stability, Adaptability and Flexibility.