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Natural Meditation-IV (Manana – Repetition)

Natural Meditation-IV (Manana – Repetition) This is a type of meditation practised in a very diluted manner. A holy word or mantra is constantly repeated mentally without moving tongue and

Natural Meditation-III

Natural Meditation-III (Listening Meditation – Shravana Dhyana) This way of meditation is auditory in nature. In this meditation one listens to repetition of a pure divine mantra, or a hymn

Natural Meditation-II

HOW TO PRACTICE: Sit comfortably either on a chair having a perpendicular back so that your back is straight or you may sit on the floor spreading ablanket. Make sure that

natural meditation maanasika japa

Natural Meditation – I (Maanasika Japa) is the HIGHEST and the BEST form of meditation among all meditations. ” Yagnanaam Japayagnosmi “, meaning, ” Among all the spiritual practicses, Japa

The Essence of Bhagavadgita – Page 12

Arjuna said “ O Lord, you are the Only One BEING eternal, all knowing and the only...

The Essence of Bhagavadgita – Page 11

Among the Vedic meters / Chandus ( Chandus are the various styles of reciting vedic hymns)...

The Essence of Bhagavadgita – Page 10

Those who follow three Vedic traditions namely Rigveda, Yajurveda...

The Essence of Bhagavadgita – Page 9

However, those who are strongly gripped by this Maya (three traits) will find it difficult to meditate on ME...