Crystal and Color Healing

The color healing and crystal healing are two different healing methods but here both color and crystal are combined into one and made easy only to make it more effective. The color that is universally pleasant for all and crystal universally good for all is isolated herein. That color crystal Amethyst.

Amethyst is a violet colored rock crystal emitting cool violet rays which are soothing to both nerves and mind. It has the ability to bring down the agitation in mind and irritability of nervous system.

In color therapy violet color is considered to produce soothing effect both on mind and nervous system reducing anger and its effects on body and in turn striking rhythm between body and mind. Although many more benefits are there like reduction of hypertension etc.. it is better not to over except too many results.

The crystal is considered as an absorbent of excess heat from the body and radiating out the same, thus maintaining equilibrium in the body. Therefore when a crystal of deep, rich in violet color, is used in the therapy its effect can be imagined.

Amethyst is a semi precious stone which is also called as Bishop’s stone because of its ability to produce mental equanimity, which is expected of a Bishop.

How to select a good Amethyst

Select an Amethyst crystal having DEEP & RICH Violet color (African Amethyst). After buying one, keep the crystal under your pillow in the night while going to sleep. If you get good sleep or some pleasant dreams in the sleep, then the crystal is having beneficial effects on your mind and body. If your sleep is disturbed, or you get bad or violent dreams or develop head ache by morning, then that crystal is not a beneficial one for you and hence look for another one.

Select like this two crystals of reasonable size and fit them into rings with an opening at the back, if possible, crystal touching the skin of the finger, one for the ring finger of the left hand and another for ring finger of right hand. Two rings are worn to balance the effect in both left and right NADIS or plexus. If this is not possible you can wear one ring of Amethyst in the ring finger of right hand. But two preferred. After wearing the rings follow the experiences , mentally , physically and events of day today life. If all these are beneficial mentally , physically and socially, continue to wear all times.

If your experiences are not good, then the Amethyst crystals are not suitable for you and hence DISCARD . Obviously this healing therapy is not for you.