How to overcome Homosexuality?

Homosexuality is neither a physiological disease nor disorder.

It is a carried forward Instinct from the past existence.

If an entity was an man in the past existence and takes birth as a woman in the present, the entity continues to have the Instinct ofNatural Meditation getting attracted to women in this life also despite changes of gender physically. If the entity does not erase the past instinct but encourages the instinct, she tends to become a lesbian.

Similarly, an entity who was an woman in the past existence, but takes birth as a man in the present life, he continues to have the Instinct of getting attracted to man despite change of gender physically in their life. If the past Instinct is not erased, but continued to encourage the Instinct, such a man becomes a Gay. Unless one understands the secret behind homosexuality, it becomes difficult to overcome the past instinct and the tendency. Irrespective of the fact that one believes or not in the past existence, the nature’s gift of change in the gender physically results in this aberration. It is the failure of one’s Mind to adapt to the change of gender physically, and continue to have strong past Instinct intact makes one to become Homosexual.

It is not at all difficult to erase and overcome carried forward past Instinct if one simply follows the path of Yoga.

Because the Instinct is hidden in the subconscious mind and keeps surfacing again and again, it necessary to treat the Mind. Mind can be treated to eliminate many past instincts not only homosexuality but also several genetic disorders strongly imprinted in the subconscious mind, through the practise of Natural deep breathing (Pranayama) and right and correct Meditation.

Natural deep breathing helps in establishing great rhythm between mind and the body. Prana, the cosmic energy brings in the right rhythm and harmony between mind and the body.

Meditation makes the conscious mind (through the repetition of Mantra-Centrifugic process) to dive deep into the subconscious layers of the mind and erase many latent (hidden) instinct, traits and tendencies.

Dedicated practice of natural deep breathing for 5 min’s and right Meditation process for 30 min’s gradually erases the instinct of Homosexuality within 6 months or an year depending upon each case. As the conscious mind dives deep into its subconscious layers only when it reaches that layer where the instinct of homosexuality is latent it will be erased or released and flushed out. Therefore it takes sometime for this to happen however this may vary from case to case.

Once the instinct is erased mind strikes right rhythm with the body of the present existence without fail and proper harmony between the mind and the body will be established.

Will to overcome the homosexual instinct must be there off course.

One has to understand why nature has given a body contradicting the instinct of the mind. It is only a change in the evolutionary process of life. Strike rhythm and harmony with the nature (body) and live happily as nature has willed/desired.