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Effects of Meditation of practising Natural Meditation are explained below. On account of the repetition of the word “SHAANTIHI” of meditation, the attention of the conscious mind becomes single-pointed. Thereby lateral activities of the mind come down considerably . Hence the physiological activities will also come down resulting in a state of deep relaxation in the body, although the mind remains highly alert repeating “SHAANTIHI” IN meditation. This deep relaxation is called “Yoganidra” which revitalises and rejuvenates every system in the body. All the tensions and pressures accumulated in the nervous system are released and flushed out.

Reduction of the workload on the heart owing to deep relaxation, rejuvenates the heart muscles and makes them strong and stable (beneficial to heart patients).

Deep relaxation to the respiratory system makes it strong and flexible (beneficial to asthmatic patients). The relaxation of arteries and veins gradually results in the normal blood flow which is beneficial in cases of high or low blood pressure.

Effects Of


Blood pressure due to heavy tensions simply disappears when the tensions are flushed out from the system. The functions of the digestive system also improve. The entire body becomes relaxed, flexible and light.

A relaxed nervous system gradually becomes stable, freed from excitation, irritation, short temper and timidness. Disorders like sleeplessness, fear, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, addiction to alcohol and drugs etc., disappear gradually, since the Karma which is the cause for all these, is neutralised in meditation.

When the cause is gone, the effect is also gone. Further, meditation is very helpful in arresting many of the deteriorating disorders of the body.

However note that meditation is not a substitute for medication. But definitely meditation eliminates the side effects of medication. If you are on medicine for some disorder or disease, just continue. Meditation will be complementary to medication, improving your health by leaps and bounds. Also note that meditation is not a substitute for regular sleep.

The mind becomes more peaceful, relaxed and stable and in turn you will enjoy better concentration, memory and positive thinking. Thus, regular practice of meditation results in a sound state of the mind and body, apart from spiritual development.