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Meditation Experiences

Below are some of the common Meditation experiences seen by people,

  1. You may experience a slight pressure at the temples (on either side of the head) during or after meditation in the first few days.This is due to intense release of tensions or karmic forces from the subconscious layers of the mind which temporarily get accumulated before they move out. In that event, just close the eyes, leave the mind and body totally free and observe total silence for about 10 minutes. The released forces will move out either in thought form or otherwise, and you will be relieved of the pressure.

Those who are patients of migraine head ache may develop headache after meditation. This is due to pullout or a repairing process. Therefore, people with migraine headache may meditate for five minutes in the first week. If headache is not felt after each meditation then the duration may be increased to ten minutes in the second week. Follow this method till you reach thirty minute duration.

  1. Sometimes, you may slip into sleep during meditation. This is due to fatigue or overshadowing of awareness by intense release of accumulated tensions. As the release of fatigue or tensions comes down after a few meditations , there will be less dozing off in meditation.
  2. Sometimes, the intensity of thoughts arising in meditation will be so much that it will be impossible to meditate further. If so, do not come out of meditation by frustration. Stop repeating the word “SHAANTIHI”, do not open your eyes, leave the mind free and continue to sit in silence till the end of your stipulated period of meditation. All the forces which are disturbing as thoughts will move out gradually releasing the mind from their grip. You will have not only fewer thoughts but also better concentration in your next meditation. Facilitating the outgoing forces by way of silence in one meditation improves the next meditation. Meditation is comparable to the digging of a well. The mud that has been dug has to be removed out from the pit if further digging has to be continued.Similarly the tensions, pressures and Karmic forces released in meditation have to go out either in thought forms or otherwise so as to make the situation better either in the same meditation or in the next meditation.
  3. During meditation your head may bend forward. This is due to deep relaxation of neck muscles making them supple. If you bring it back to a straight position, again it may bend forward. Therefore, continue meditation in the same position without bothering to bring it back to its normal position, as long as you feel comfortable.
  4. Sometimes, you may feel dull, gloomy or depressed after meditation and this situation may slightly affect your daily activities. Although this is due to the intensity of the purification of Karma, you may not be able to take in this disruption. Then, either follow the principle of silent relaxation as mentioned in the earlier paragraphs one and three or cut down the stipulated period of meditation bit by bit till you feel comfortable with your daily activities, after meditation.
  5. Sometimes, you may experience irritation, anger or uneasiness due to continuous release of Karmic forces, even long after meditation. Facilitate these outgoing forces to move out by following relaxation in silence as mentioned earlier. As they move out of the system, you will feel better. Although the purification of Karma may cause the above mentioned situations occasionally, the final outcome is a better state of mind, body and spirit.
  6. Any pain, sensation, uneasiness, jerks, shaking or movements felt in the body during meditation is only due to the purification and the setting right process. Just patiently go through it. Everything will be all right.
  7. n the rarest of rare cases, meditation can be slightly disturbing because of unearthing of Karmic forces which in a particular individual might disturb his activities. In such cases, if the meditator stops meditation, then the unleashing of Karmic forces ceases and normalcy is restored. You may begin meditation again after sometime.