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Natural Deep Breathing

Sahaja Pranayama

The efficacy of all meditations can be greatly enhanced if deep breathing is practised for about 3 to 5 minutes before starting meditation. However, deep breathing can also be practised separately.



  1. Sit comfortably on a chair or sit on the floor on a mat comfortably.
  2. Keep your back straight.
  3. Now, close your mouth and do not move tongue and lips.
  4. Now, exhale (breathe out) completely whatever air is there in the lungs and THEN suck in (inhale) air through nostrils deeply, filling the lungs fully. Then exhale fully contracting your abdomen. Again inhale very deeply, fully and exhale completely. Inhale deeply, fully and exhale fully. Practise deep breathing like this for three to five minutes and then go for meditation if you are practising meditation. If not, get on with your activities.



As you inhale air deeply, the air gushes through your nostrils, wind pipe and fills the lungs completely. When the lungs are full with air,
the blood in the alveoli of lungs absorb this fresh air which is full of oxygen and thereby becomes rich in oxygen. This richly oxygenated blood then circulates in every part of the body rejuvenating every cell, just like watering the plants. Every cell begins to vibrate with energy (oxygen is pure energy) and naturally gets rejuvenated. The body becomes more relaxed, energetic and lively.

Many ailments of the body originate owing to lack of proper supply of oxygen (energy). These ailments gradually disappear with the supply of life energy, and hence physical health improves in general. Similarly, when the blood with rich oxygen is supplied to the brain, every cell of the brain gets activated. Therefore, functioning of the brain improves just as a wilted flower blooms when the roots are watered. The depression of mind which is usually caused by lack of supply of oxygen to the brain, disappears and the mind becomes fresh and relaxed. You would regain lost enthusiasm.

Deep breathing is a great remedy for beating depression, dullness and boredom. Whenever you feel depressed, dull or bored, immediately adopt deep breathing. You will see the change because of the pumping of a lot of life-energy. Remember, breathing is like watering a wilting plant which blooms after that.