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Practising Bhagavad Gita

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“He who knows best about BHAGAVAD-GITA is Lord Krishna Himself because he is the preacher of it. All others are mere interpreters”.
The Secret of BHAGAVAD-GITA is “How to do right action free from the bondage of reactions and thereby reach highest state of life”.
Spirituality is Universal ; Religion is Sectarian (partial approach to the Universal Being).

– M. Mohan Sundar

Lord Krishna said :-

  • Where ever you are, whatever you are, constantly remember / repeat MY Name ( Divine name only mentally without moving tongue and lips i.e. Manasika japa / Meditation ). Then, you will be in alignment (connection) with me, thereby my guidance and Grace will be always with you..
  • Do your allotted and accepted duties with application, dedication and discipline with equanimity of mind towards the results. Then, you will be a Karma yogi
  • Always follow the path of DHARMA i.e. RIGHTEOUSNESS ( Love, compassion, non-violence except during SELF PROTECTION, Charity, service to fellow beings, protecting the nature, etc. ).
Whoever follows the above said My norms, they will reach My Abode (Salvation) in course of time without fail – Lord Krishna

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