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“Spirituality is Universal; Religion is Sectarian, Ritualistic and Culture Oriented.”
“Unless the Mind is turned inward, true spirituality can never be understood nor experienced.”
“Meditation is a transition from physical level practises (yogasanas & pranayama) TO the mental level practise (higher and evolutionary order).”
“All Information on Right Meditation and the Practice of it is Found Here.”

– M. Mohan Sundar.

what are the benefits of Meditation?

Regular Practice of Natural Meditation (Universal Meditation) results in :

  • Flushing out the carcinogenic radio-frequency electromagnetic waves accumulated in the brain and body due to the use of cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.
  • Providing a stable physiological base in controlling diabetes, blood pressure, heart problems etc., along with medicines.
  • Elimination of Tensions, Pressures and Stresses of day-to-day life.
  • Increased tolerance, reduced irritability.
  • Reduction of Pain , Sorrow, Anger & Frustration.
  • Elimination of Perversions of mind and Suicidal tendencies.
  • Increased calmness of mind (Peace). click here to continue reading >>

How To Practise Natural Meditation ?

Practising meditation
  1. Sit comfortably either on a chair having a perpendicular back or sit on the floor on a mat, as you prefer. Make sure that you are sitting comfortably in order to avoid unnecessary movements during Meditation.
  2. Keep your head and back straight but be easy, relaxed and comfortable.
  3. Lock your tongue and lips i.e., do not move your tongue and lips because Meditation is purely a mental process.
  4. Now, inhale and exhale deeply about 10-15 times i.e. take deep breaths.
  5. Now, close your eyes gently and comfortably (do not open your eyes till you complete the process of Meditation).
  6. Now, easily and comfortably focus the attention of your mind at the spot between the eyebrows (i.e., at the junction point of nose and eyebrows) and REPEAT the word “SHAANTIHI” again and again only mentally, without moving tongue and lips, with simple and easy concentration, for about THIRTY minutes.
  7. Come out of Meditation after 30 minutes and slowly get into your activities. click here to continue reading >>

About this website

meditationThe object of this Web Site is to further the evolutionary instincts of Man in Physical, Mental, Philosophical, Spiritual and Social spheres of life.

We wish and hope that you would enjoy this visit.

Natural Deep Breathing and Natural meditation are not only natural but also universal in their nature. All can practise what is advocated here in without any inhibitions what so ever.

A true and right meditation is always simple, natural, universal and easy to practice.


” If you find the knowledge herein is beneficial to you, please pass it on to others. Knowledge is for all, without exception. “

– M. Mohan Sundar. B.Sc, LLB.

About the Author

The author Mr. M. Mohan Sundar is a an attorney / advocate by profession. He is the propagator of Natural Meditation (Universal Meditation).

Having deep interest in the philosophy and spirituality of life, he has gone very deep into it and after several decades of his spiritual pursuit at Himalayas, he has brought out his experiences in the form of books and booklets, so that common people can easily practice true spiritual practices like Meditation, etc. and derive immense benefits out of it, not only improving psychologically, physiologically, sociologically but also spiritually.

All is being done free of cost for the well being of mankind in all spheres of life.

He is a karma yogi in life but also preaching Jnana Yoga (path of high spiritual knowledge) to the people who are very much in the worldly life doing their karma yoga.