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  1. Meditate regularly for 30 to 40 minutes once a day. If possible twice a day.
  2. Make meditation a part of your daily routine and meditate at your convenient time. In the morning when you get up from bed, brush the sleep from your eyes and sit erect on your bed or on a chair and go through your meditation as a first priority. Once you get into your daily routine, you may not find time for meditation. Then there will be a tendency to postpone each time.
  3. Face north or east or northeast direction during meditation, if possible.
  4. Empty or light stomach provides ideal physical condition for meditation. There are no restrictions regarding your food habits.
    Meditation itself will regulate your diet in course of time. However, adopting nutritious vegetarian diet (nonviolent food) will be very helpful for spiritual development.
  5. Do not imagine, expect or anticipate anything in meditation. Just Meditate for the sake of meditation without any selfish intentions whatsoever . Be neutral-minded. The benefits will simply follow in course of time.
  6. Have patience and perseverance. Achievements are not overnight but gradual.
    Meditation purifies your mind inch by inch from the accumulated Karma and slowly moves you towards mental, physical, social and spiritual betterment.
  7. Never drop out of meditation. If you drop out for any reason, you have lost the greatest opportunity of improving yourself.
    Meditation being purely a mental process, you may meditate any where, at any time, according to your convenience.
  8. The quality of meditation will not be the same everyday. It varies according to your mental and physical rhythm of the day. Therefore, do not expect the same quality of meditation everyday.
  9. If you practice natural deep breathing for three to five minutes before meditation, the quality of meditation will be much better. If you have time after meditation , you can relax by lying down flat, leaving the mind and body totally free. This will enable all the released karmic forces to go out. Then you feel much better.
  10. Whenever the going becomes tough in the meditation owing to intense thoughts or uneasiness or otherwise on any day, then do not come out of meditation in frustration. Instead, keep your eyes closed and do deep breathing about ten times and then continue meditation. Even then, if meditation continues to be difficult, then do not open your eyes, but follow the path of silence for the rest of the stipulated period of meditation or follow Natural Meditation-II.
  11. Be open-minded and neutral to spiritual and mystic experiences like visions etc., that may occur during or after meditation. You may talk about these experiences only to someone who is profound and mature to understand the same or in a Satsang (Spiritual meet). You may talk freely to others with regard to benefits of meditation so that it motivates others to practise meditation.
  12. A dedicated meditator after sometime may feel that he/she is not seeing as many changes as he/she felt in the beginning days. This is because the changes at surface level are over and the effect of meditation has moved inward.
  13. Meditation gradually improves the quality of life in personal, social and spiritual spheres.
  14. Meditation provides a much-needed outlet for flushing out tensions, pressures and emotions of day-to-day life.
  15. Meditation helps in striking rhythm and harmony with any hostile environment gradually.
  16. After one year of regular practice, you may increase the duration of your meditation to one full hour.
    Remember, this meditation being purely divine, spiritual and natural, it does not come in the way of the operation of the law of karma in the life of the practitioner. He too undergoes trials and tribulations caused by karmic forces like any other. But because of divine grace invoked through this meditation, the intensity of operation of karma will be much less. Because this meditation reduces the intensity of karmic operation, it is purely spiritually evolutionary to the practitioner in “Every way”.
  17. Meditate regularly. Do your allotted or accepted duties at your workplace, family and society and take life as it comes. Then, be rest assured that your life is in the evolutionary direction.
  18. MEDITATE and bring peace to yourself, your family, society, nation and the world at large apart from your own spiritual evolution. Meditation is the true guide to life.
  19. By practising this meditation if you have found benefits, then pass this knowledge of meditation on to others without fail. Let others also get the benefits of this meditation. Knowledge is for all without exception.

NOTE: Although Universal Consciousness is omnipotent, omniscient, all-pervading, its expressed forms are infinite in number. Those whose mind is traditionally conditioned to worship any particular favourite form of this expressed divinity (Ista devatha), they may adopt the name of their favorite deity or family deity (kuladevatha) for Natural Meditation-I, as the mantra for meditation.

Only Absolute divine mantras are to be used and NOT that of any Baba, Swamy, Prophet or of any dark forces of nature. If you use these, they will lead you to the darker realms of creation.