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Natural Meditation

Nature Meditation The very meaning of Meditation provides the true definition of Meditation. The word Meditation means “ to channelise the thinking process one pointedly by just focusing the attention of the mind on a chosen issue, concept, object, or on a specific THOUGHT ”.In true Meditation, deep and constant thinking is made on the nature of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Essence

of Indian Spiritualism

Religion is sectarian, ritualistic and regimented., spirituality is universal. – M. Mohansundar The core Indian Spiritualism has three dimensional approaches. They are:- Aadhibouthic :- Wellbeing of the physical body.

Aadhidivic :- Mental approach i.e realising the divine (pure) nature of the Mind. Aadhyatmic :- Realising and establishing in the non-changing, […]

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Essence of Spiritual Thought

The way of life envisaged for the people of India by their sages and saints of yore from time immemorial is known as ” SANATHANA DHARMA “. ‘Sanathana’ in Sanskrit means eternal and ‘Dharma’ means a way of life. Therefore, Sanathana Dharma simply means, ” a way of life that […]

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Application of Meditation

in improving Social Behavior

Ever since scientific study and research began on meditation (in early 1970’s), many physiological, psychological and social benefits of meditation have been revealed. Physiological studies have revealed that meditation produces a very deep relaxation in the body although the mind remains alert during meditation. This deep relaxation in the body, […]

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Application of Meditation

in the field of Action

The word of Natural Meditation can be used to excel in action while doing hard physical work. Those who are in sports can keep repeating the word “SHAANTIHI” of their Meditation while doing action. This repetition keeps the mind one-pointed, concentrating on the work one is doing and also does not allow […]

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OM (Naada Brahma)

OM is the first vibration of creation that has manifested from the SILENT, unmanifest Absolute UNIVERSAL BEING The intention of the unmanifest Absolute Being to manifest into formal creation has resulted in the rising of the sound OM as the first vibration of creation, as a reaction of that intention. […]

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Day Prayer

Throughout the world, seven days of the week are named after the presiding or Governing planet (Lord) of the day, in all Civilizations. Interestingly, the earlier man living very close to pristine nature, intuitively cognized the influence of Planets on man in his day-to-day life and accordingly named each day […]

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Methods of

Spiritual Practices (Saadhana)

URDHWAM GACHANTHI SATWASTHAHA, MADHYE TISTTANTHI RAJASAAHA, JAGANYA GUNAVRUTHASTAHA ADHOO GACHANTHI THAMASAAHA ” – Lord Krishna in Bhagavadhgeetha, in the 18th stanza of 14th chapter, says “He who is divine in his nature will move upwards i.e. towards divinity (salvation). He who is semi divine in his nature will be stuck […]

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The Natural

Meditation-IV (Manana – Repetition)

This is a type of meditation practised in a very diluted manner. A holy word or mantra is constantly repeated mentally without moving tongue and lips during the course of day-to-day activities, like morning or evening walk in the park or at any other safe place or while travelling, where […]

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