Natural Meditation-IV (Manana – Repetition)

This is a type of meditation practised in a very diluted manner. A holy word or mantra is constantly repeated mentally without moving tongue and lips during the course of day-to-day activities, like morning or evening walk in the park or at any other safe place or while travelling, where greater concentration of the mind is not required.

As there is no scope for the released karmic forces to move out in this form of meditation, they move out in the form of dreams during sleep in the night. With regular practise dreams will come down.

DO NOT practise this meditation when you are driving or while doing any activity where great concentration of mind is required like working with machines, driving, cutting etc. If practised, you may end up in disaster.


The mantra of Natural Meditation-I can be used to excel in action while doing hard physical work. Those who are in sports can keep repeating the mantra of meditation (SHAANTIHI) while doing action. This repetition keeps the mind one-pointed, concentrating on the work one is doing and also does not allow the metabolic rate in the body to go overboard, thus preventing getting tired quickly.

An athlete while running, walking or cycling etc. can constantly repeat the mantra of meditation so that the mind and body enjoy marginal relaxation and fatigue is not accumulated early and at the same time keep more focused on the job on hand. The athletes also can synchronise their final action with the mantra of meditation so that optimum results could be obtained as in javelin throw, shot put, hammer throw, discus throw etc. Even though one is repeating the mantra of meditation constantly, the final go can be synchronised with the mantra of meditation so as to maximise the effect.

If you are a student, apart from regular meditations, you may also meditate a little late in the night so that the whole day’s mental fatigue is eliminated and you would feel fresh enough to study another two to three hours without falling asleep.

If you are appearing for examinations, just meditate Natural Meditation-I or II before going to any examination. Your mind will be calm and you will be less nervous. Even if the question paper is tough, you will not get upset or lose balance of mind. On the other hand, you will be calm and collected enough to go on with exams to the best of your ability. If you get mentally upset or lose balance of mind, you may not be able to answer to the best of your ability even though you know the answers fully well.

If you are appearing for an interview and waiting for your turn, just do Natural Meditation I or II so that you will be less anxious and relatively relaxed and confident, and will be able to perform better.

If you are highly excited, irritated and have lost your temper at your office or at your work spot, just sit, close your eyes and do Universal Meditation-II for just 5 to 10 minutes. Your mind will cool down and you will be able to handle your emotions better.

” Regret Not ; Failures often leave you with more lessons on life than successes. “

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