Natural Meditation-III (Listening Meditation – Shravana Dhyana)

This way of meditation is auditory in nature. In this meditation one listens to repetition of a pure divine mantra, or a hymn with rapt attention. These days electronic repeater (Chanting box) of mantras is available in the market.
Select only one mantra or a hymn which is your most favourite and do not change it often.


  • Sit comfortably in a chair having a perpendicular back or sit on a mat, as you prefer.
  • Arrange your audio system to your left or right or in front, as you prefer.
  • Face north, east or northeast direction, if possible.
  • Now, keep ready your audio system like mantra repeater or CD containing the repetition of mantra of your choice. The choice of the mantra or hymn should not be changed frequently. Stick to one as far as possible. Therefore select the one which is dearest to you. Those who intend to use the natural cosmic rhythms , may download the MP3 files which are listed below. See the note below.
  • Now, inhale and exhale deeply (Natural Deep breathing) about 10-15 times.
  • Switch on the audio system and regulate the volume which is clearly audible but gentle, soft and not jarring upon your ears nor disturbing the neighbours.
  • Now, close your eyes, do not move your tongue and lips, begin to listen to the chanting of the mantra or hymn, with utmost attention, for about thirty minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, open your eyes, switch off the audio system and slowly get into your activities.


In this meditation, the repetition of the mantra , hymn or natural cosmic rhythms are fed from outside and hence the benefits are limited.

The happenings and effects of this Meditation are almost similar to that of Natural Meditation-I to some degree.

All the instructions given under “FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS” under Natural Meditation-I hold good here also.

Those who have chosen this form of meditation may switch over to Natural Meditation – I in course of time.

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