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Meditation Universal

Steps To Practise Natural Meditation:-

  1. Sit comfortably either on a chair having a perpendicular back or sit on the floor on a mat, as you prefer. Make sure that you are
    sitting comfortably in order to avoid unnecessary movements during Meditation.
  2. Keep your head and back straight but be easy, relaxed and comfortable.
  3. Lock your tongue and lips i.e., do not move your tongue and lips because Meditation is purely a mental process.
  4. Now, inhale and exhale deeply about 10-15 times i.e. take deep breaths.
  5. Now, close your eyes gently and comfortably (do not open your eyes till you complete the process of Meditation).
  6. Now, easily and comfortably focus the attention of your mind at the spot between the eyebrows (i.e., at the junction point of nose and eyebrows) and REPEAT the word “ SHAANTIHI ” again and again only mentally, without moving tongue and lips, with simple and easy concentration, for about THIRTY minutes.
  7. Come out of Meditation after 30 minutes and slowly get into your activities.

NOTE: Meditation is nothing but mental repetition of a chosen benign word of high cosmic vibration, with closed eyes, without moving tongue and lips, with simple and easy concentration.

Those who find it difficult to meditate for 30 minutes at a stretch, may meditate for 5 minutes in the first week; 10 minutes in the second week; 15-20 in the third week and gradually accomplish 30 minutes duration.

The word “SHAANTIHI” in the languages of the orient has a very deep meaning. The rough translation of this word into English is “PEACE”. But in the orient it depicts the very nature of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS which is essentially Absolute Peace and Bliss.

Translating the word “SHAANTIHI” to any other language MAY NOT produce the same effects like “SHAANTIHI”.

Meditation on the word “SHAANTIHI” produces a very high cosmic vibratory frequency which gradually quells the disturbances and obstacles at physical, mental and spiritual levels and unfolds the experience of the nature of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

Further, the use of this pure positive and benign word in Meditation very gradually erases or quietens the six fold negative traits in man. The six fundamental negative traits in man are, desire, anger, selfishness, arrogance (egoism), infatuation (attachment) and jealous.

In Meditation, as you focus the attention of your mind at the spot between the eyebrows and repeat the word “SHAANTIHI” only mentally, innumerable thoughts relating to day-to-day life or otherwise may arise not only shifting the attention of your mind from the word of Meditation but also disturbing your concentration. Don’t worry, it is a natural phenomenon. Just bring back the mind, focus it again at the spot between the eyebrows and continue your repetition of the word “SHAANTIHI”. Again there may be shifting of your attention by thoughts. It does not matter. Again bring back your mind on to the word of Meditation and continue your repetition. This may happen several times in each Meditation but don’t get perturbed. In course of time, not only will the intensity of thoughts come down but there will also be an increase of concentration in Meditation. Remember, thoughts in Meditation are NOT AT ALL a disturbance in Meditation but only an integral part of it indicating the purification of different layers of the mind that is going on in Meditation.