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Man has realised long ago that the purpose of life was not to live like animals with basic instincts, but to evolve to a higher order i.e. from untruth to truth, ignorance to knowledge and death to eternity.

Being a part of Universal life, man has realised that unless he dissolves his Individual Being in THE Universal Being, eternity could not be attained. In other words, he should cease to be a part, by becoming the whole. Therefore, he has evolved a process which in the oriental languages has been called YOGA (Union).



The word Yoga in the language of Orient means “ to join, fusion, to bring together two things, to bridge the gap between the two ”.

In spiritual sense, yoga is to ALIGN Individual Being with the UNIVERSAL BEING. In other words, it is to infuse and imbibe Universal Consciousness into the Individual Consciousness. Thus, Yoga is a STATE to be attained in which the Individuality of a Being is shed in favour of the UNIVERSAL BEING. But unfortunately the word YOGA has been mis-propagated in recent times as Yogasanas i.e., Yogic postures or exercises.

Virtually, the word YOGA has become synonymous with Yogasanas and thereby people are being misled. In fact, Yogasanas or postures are refined physical exercises which are very helpful in not only improving the health but also preparing the body to adapt to higher spiritual practices like meditation, for attaining the state of YOGA. Therefore, the word Yoga should not be mistaken for Yogasanas.

In order to attain the state of Yoga (Universal life), man has evolved several means. Among them, Meditation is the only one which dissolves the mind which is the separating wall between Individual Being and the UNIVERSAL BEING.

The human mind is the one obstacle which stands between Individual Consciousness and Universal Consciousness. The mind shapes the very nature of an individual mentally and physically. The conscious mind is the surface layer of the mind which is in constant action except during sleep. The subconscious and unconscious layers of the mind, of which one is not aware, is the storehouse of accumulated Karma (Sum of good and bad actions and reactions of past) of innumerable births.

Meditation is a process which purifies the mind of its accumulated Karma thereby making it transparent enough to imbibe and reflect the nature of UNIVERSAL BEING (Just as a cleaned mirror reflecting the Sun clearly), resulting in the state of YOGA (Union).

Thus, the difference between Individual Being and the UNIVERSAL BEING projected through the mind ceases and the individual Being loses its individuality eternally to universality.

The human mind is the one obstacle which stands between Individual Consciousness and Universal Consciousness.

The mind shapes the very nature of an individual mentally and physically.

Since meditation removes the barrier between the Individual and UNIVERSAL BEING, it is considered as the Supreme and final path for the spiritual evolution of man. Also, meditation is the ONLY spiritual practice which turns the conscious mind INWARD. Therefore, Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgeetha described meditation as HIMSELF.

In recent times, scientific studies made on the process of meditation have revealed its tremendous therapeutic value for improving the mental, physical and social health of an individual. Therefore, not only is there a resurgence in the practice of meditation but also universal acceptance of the same.


True and correct definition of Meditation

The very meaning of Meditation provides the true definition of Meditation. The word Meditation means “ to channelise the thinking process one pointedly by just focusing the attention of the mind on a chosen issue, concept, object, or on a specific THOUGHT ”.

Even worrying deeply and constantly on a problem amounts to Meditation, of course resulting in bad effects. Thus, Meditation is simply nothing but channelised, one pointed deep and constant thinking made on an issue, concept, object or on a specific thought.

Considering the above right and correct definition of Meditation, the concept that mind has to be made BLANK free from all thoughts is a misplaced notion. Such a process is NOT Meditation. It is not only opposed to the very nature of the mind but also opposed to the true Meditation process.

In a true Meditation process the very thinking nature of the mind is made use of to turn it inward so as to reach one’s own pure consciousness. Artificial blanking of the mind leads to dull, inefficient and ineffective state of mind. Therefore, it is necessary to know the right and correct definition of Meditation in order to practise right Meditation.

In true Meditation, deep and constant thinking is made on the nature of the UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

The process of true Meditation is always associated with the total and all round evolution of man.

Although the goal of Meditation is to realise the eternal and UNIVERSAL LIFE, PEACE and TRANQUILITY are the immediate by-products of Meditation. Therefore, Meditation can be practised by one and all without exception.

Meditation is an Universal means for the realisation of Peace and Fulfillment in life.

Meditation can be the last hope of desperate and dejected souls as well.

Thus, Universal application of this Natural Meditation makes it UNIVERSAL MEDITATION.

Know that Meditation does not interfere with the operation of the law of Karma, but definitely smoothens the harshness of its operation in our day-to-day life.

A few meditations which are totally Universal in nature are explained below and placed in order, purely according to their merit in spiritual efficacy.

Natural Meditation – I

Natural Meditation – II

Natural Meditation – III

Natural Meditation – IV

NOTE: All are qualified to practise NATURAL MEDITATION – I . But other meditations given here are for one’s choice and also for information. All the other Meditations finally lead to NATURAL MEDITATION – I which is the BEST and HIGHEST form of Meditation.