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Mantra for Women

The menacing rape and violence on girls and women have become a big headache for the Indian society. However much hue and cry we rise, this heinous crime is continuing unabated. The Government will not be able to protect every individual. Therefore, it is necessary for every girl or women to protect herself. This self-protection approach by the feminine force alone can bring down rape and violence against them. In order to protect themselves, women have to invoke their inner self-power. In order to do this girls and women can repeat the Great mantra “ NAMO NARASIMHAAYA NAMAHA ” only mentally without moving tongue and lips if possible, all times, keeping the eyes open or at their convenient time.

The mental repetition of this mantra can be done even while travelling in a Bus, Car (only when driver is driving), Train, or while walking etc. The repetition of the mantra being purely mental (inward process) there are no do’s and don’ts and food restriction for this. Therefore, you can repeat this mantra anywhere and anytime conveniently.

The power of this mantra is such that no rapist or rogue elements can come near you. The incarnation of Lord in the form of Narasimha is with the combination of fire and light. Therefore, repetition of this mantra will drive away the negative forces.

Also, you may write this Mahaa Mantra very clearly on a deep yellow paper on a Tuesday and insert it into a talisman and holding it in your right fist repeat this mantra for half an hour or more everyday till next Tuesday. On this Tuesday tie the talisman with a string and ware around your neck at the twilight hour, for all times. No evil force can ever touch you.

All men and women can practise (repeat or meditate) this mantra, especially those who are not married or childless couples, because it removes the obstacles for marriage and sterility respectively at the earliest.

Share this knowledge with others for every body’s benefit.

– Tat Sat.